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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Molasses Crinkles

The taste of Home Sweet Home!
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Our Molasses Crinkles are among our top-selling items, and for good reason! One taste and they will bring you back to Grandma's kitchen. Just the right amount of sweetness and spice. They taste like Home Sweet Home.

Sold in 8 count packages, these delectible treats freeze very well. So be sure to order extra. You'll be glad that you did! Cookies are not able to be added to gift baskets or boxes and if selected will be shipped separately.

Baked goods are shipped Mondays and Tuesdays. This is to ensure their freshness upon arrival.

Molasses Crinkles – Our Story by Bill Michaels, co-owner of the Fly Creek Cider Mill.

Molasses Crinkles are one of the longest-standing baked goods at the Mill. What started as a family treat has transitioned to a visitor favorite with more than 12,000 Cookies made each year!

My Grandmother, Jane Michaels, was the first to bake these in her home at 202 Main Street in Cooperstown. I can remember her back porch entrance room where she stashed all her baked goods on a tin-top table. Her primary cookie tin was always stocked with Molasses Crinkles which I enjoyed at every visit along with a glass of Glensfoot Diary whole-milk from nearby Cherry Valley. The two together were heaven on earth to an eight-year-old. 

My Dad, Charlie, asked Grandma to make some for sale at the Mill and she obliged not knowing what was to come. Starting with a few packages a week transformed into a standing order for at least 50 a week!

I recall Grandma’s devotion to her son by supplying what was quickly becoming a staple of the Mill. Her week seemed to be consumed by mixing, baking, cooling and packaging all right in her kitchen. I remember the vast quantity of cookies cooling on every available flat surface and even spreading out in to her dining room. Occasionally I would help out only to be able to lick the spoon clean. Saturdays the delivery would be made and in true Grandma Jane fashion they would all be packed in wicker baskets as that was the proper way for cookies to travel at the time.

Fast forward 45 years and we still continue this family tradition but in our own commercial bakery. Madison is now “Grandma” and she has been updated with an 80 quart Hobart Mixer, a 20-foot freezer and two rack-ovens. The recipe has stayed the same through the years and Grandma Jane always specified Barbados, Un-sulfured Molasses which we still use today. During the winter Vivian makes the dough and forms the round raw pucks then freezes them in boxes separating the layers with wax paper. When the order comes in she sugars the pucks and bakes them off for sale in the Mill and for On-Line Store orders.

Please enjoy our Famous Molasses Crinkles with a glass of whole milk or sweet cider.

Thank you for allowing me to share Our Story!

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