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1856 Bourbon Peppercorn Chop Soak

1856 Bourbon Peppercorn Chop Soak

Asian Grill Glaze

Asian Grill Glaze

Zinfandel Tri Tip Grill Marinade

Full Of Flavor!
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Tender and juicy is all you will remember after soaking your favorite cut of beef in this excellent marinade that blends soy and zinfandel wine with garlic and spices.

Use as a marinade for every animal protein under the sun. Pan-fried, grilled—even jerky-bound meat will get a massive flavor injection with a few hours in any of our offerings.

Turn a humdrum weeknight roast into something special. Brush on your favorite marinade and broil a few minutes until crusty or add a splash to vegetarian stir fries for a satisfying blast of savory flavor.

Net Wt. 13.1 oz

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