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  • RADA Tomato Slicing Knife RADA Tomato Slicing Knife

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RADA Heavy Duty Paring Knife

RADA Tomato Slicing Knife

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The world-famous Rada Tomato Slicer is the ideal knife for slicing tomatoes, fruits, vegetables, and much more!

This dual-serrated blade allows cooks of all skill levels to make a clean, straight cut through tomatoes every time, leading to beautiful slices of delicious tomatoes whenever you want.

The Tomato Slicer isn’t just for tomatoes. This knife will make short work of nearly any food that needs cutting or slicing, including lemons, onions, heads of lettuce, even items like hard-boiled eggs! The surgical quality, high-carbon steel blades ensure that this is a tomato slicing knife you won’t hesitate to use while preparing an array of recipes. Designed with frequent use in mind, this tomato knife can be used constantly for years while retaining its incredible sharpness.

  1. Best tomato knife ever! review by Linda on 9/2/2018

    While shopping one afternoon, we came across this tomato knife and it was priced well, so we thought we’d try it. I promise you, this is one of the best purchases we’ve ever made! You can make the straightest slices, thick or paper thin! We keep it in the cardboard cover when not in use - but we’ve had it for two years now and it’s as sharp as day one.

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